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just a few things...

1. for those who get send out regular service back.. do you get a bag every once in a while that has like nothing in it. we'll get for example, 3 bags of film come in. two bags can be somewhat filled up and then the third one will have only the receipt with all the orders listed on it, that's it. in a huge bag. is it that hard for them to just stick it in another bag?

2. one of our drop boxes had the extended service schedule a bit off. we don't get film in on saturdays. well, this one said we did. so i had so many people asking where their film is and i'm trying to explain that we don't get film on saturdays but we do on sundays.. then i found out that it said saturday on it. so i apologize for the mistake and fix it. and then they just stand there, staring at me, like i can magically make their film appear for them to take.. people are dumb.

3. i had this one annoying member this one day. they sent out a kodak plus digital disposable camera. obviously if you read the fine print you'll know that you have paid extra to cover the cost of the "free" cd people think they are getting. so they send it off to get developed. then when the roll comes back in the envelope with a note saying they can't do it without their signature and that they'll have to charge them for the cd they get angry. (for an odd reason.. i love dealing with those people. i think after so long i just love pissing people off when it's their own fault) so anyway, i try to explain to this lady that since she bought the plus digital camera, she already paid for the cd that she is receiving. but she can't get it from us since we use fuji and not kodak. she stands there and proceeds to tell me that she has no idea that we use fuji and that we need to have signs on the door and the drop boxes stating that we won't help people who have those cameras.. after that comment she started walking away. i practically screamed at her to get her attention cause i wasn't done arguing with her. i said "to tell you the truth, we will develop those cameras and film with no problem, but we will charge you for the cd. if you actually had read what was written on the camera itself or what's on the commercial you would know you have to go to someone who uses to kodak." the dumb lady just kept saying that we needed signs up saying we use fuji. ok. our counters are white and green. the drop boxes are green. they say fuji all over them. the envelopes say fuji all over them. i think she was really trying to get it done for free, but i just kept arguing with her till she finally left.

4. this member saturday really pissed me off. when we have a problem with a dpc we have to call fuji who in turn calls ibm to come out and fix it. well, each time they come out we get charged $800. so we have three dpc's in the store. they just installed the option where you can scan your membership card on it instead of entering your name it'll just read it off your card. you could also skip that option and enter it yourself. so this lady is on the dpc and i'm just kind of walking around waiting for something to do since the store just opened up. she calls me over and says that the scanner won't scan her card. i tell her to just skip it. she starts getting angry and tells me she doesn't have time to stand there and enter her information in. so i walk over there and try to scan her card. i did it like 20 times and took about 5 minutes haha. dumb bitch. anyway, it would never take it, so i told her well, it must not be working.. you'll just have to enter it in. then she tells me that i need to put a work order in to get it fixed. yeah, like i'm really going to call fuji cause a reader that is there for their convenience doesn't want to read her card (it does work for other people) to have them come out and fix it. i think not. and during this time when she should be picking out her pics to get printed, she's editing them and braiding her daughters hair.. she really seemed too busy to me. i just hate people. i hate stupid people. and i think the photo center has the stupidest people sometimes.

no we can't fix your blurry picture. no we can't add someone's head that you cut off, no we can't open someone's eyes up. and no i don't know why a roll of film you took turned out with nothing on it. we didn't erase your pics off the negatives and we didn't delete images off your memory card.

sorry for the long post.. there's just so much to rant about!
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