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Welcome and...

Le sigh.
The subject of this evening's rant is, regrettably, a coworker. Now, I understand that people learn in many different ways, and the way most of us in the lab share isn't necessarily the One True Way To Learn. Indeed, some people take rather longer to learn things than others. We call this Human Nature. I, however, am running out of patience with this person.
Now, my dear coworker sonicyakk is an intelligent young lady, and has picked up the ways of the lab as quickly as can be expected. Not so our acquaintance, whose name shall be omitted for the sake of anonymity. My issues with her are as follows.

Part One: The Basic Hygiene. Today she showed up to work in what I believe to be semi-clean clothes. This is a pleasant change, and one I'd like to encourage. Generally she is as grubby and unprofessional as a person can reasonably be. However, she utterly destroyed the effect of the clean clothes by positively DROWNING in some kind of cloying perfume. It gave me a headache. This woman just cannot manage to be clean-and-inocuous-smelling, all at once.
Part Two: The Questions. The problem with her questions is that there aren't any when there ought to be. This leads to casual utterance of the word "oops", a syllable that brings the shadow of dread into my innocent heart. For example, our photo lab has two services. One is the in-house one-hour service, which we handle individually and process ourselves. The other is the two-day outlab service. This stuff sits in a vinyl bag on the floor, in envelopes completely different from the one-hour ones, and we DO NOT process it in-house. That's the point of calling it the "outlab". It goes "out". One day, not so very long ago, this coworker of mine PROCESSED some of the OUTLAB. Now, if it were only a question of packaging, it wouldn't be an issue. But we've explained over and over that the two services are priced differently, and that the outlab service is NOT a part of our budget.

She exposed the better part of a hundred-dollar roll of Fuji Crystal Archive matte-finish paper yesterday. "Oops".
To make up for the money that this girl has cost us in lost and late film, plus equipment issues and other damages, I'd have to start selling my organs on the black market.
I could go on, but I see no reason to torment Shana with rantings about someone we see every day.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll tell you all merry tales about my little Wall of Shame.
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