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The 1-Hour Photo Rant Center [entries|friends|calendar]
1-Hour Photo Lab Rants

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[28 Jul 2006|01:56pm]

Hey everyone. Just joined this community because I just started working at a One Hour Photo franchise in Toronto. I see it's been a while since anybody posted...

Anybody up for making this community viable again? Just putting it out there :) We'll share our experiences, we'll laugh, we'll cry... Just kidding.
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[25 Dec 2005|12:20am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

This was originally a response to claddagh812's post here, but it became a bit too long, so I think it deserved it's own entry.

Stupidity breeds at Xmas!Collapse )

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RANT ALERT! [01 Nov 2004|04:21pm]

Ever had that feeling where you just want to punch a customer?
This lady satan comes in just now, and I recognised that frumpy face instantly. She picks out a couple of frames, and as I'm wrapping them, she starts ranting about how she was in one of our branches yesterday, where the service was appaling and the staff rude. "I don't do business with rude people like that!" She spat at me as she hands me her card as I rang up the sale. I just bit my tongue and smiled, handed her the slip to sign and bagged her purchase. As I did, I noticed that she was looking at me wondering where she'd seen me before....


God knows I can be assertive when it comes to dealing with difficult customers, but this was not one of those cases. I was coming out of the storeroom carrying a huge box of frames, when she growls at me "Can I get some assistance here??" The fact that I didn't drop the box in the middle of the sales floor and run to her aid obviously infuriated her. She was looking for a frame and mounting board for a 5x7 print, but didn't like the way they looked, and as I explained to her that all the boards are in correct scale to the conventional print sized, she shouted at me "THAT'S HOW I WANT IT SO IT SHOULD BE!" No kidding. She then pondered it for a while, and then walked out. Just how is that poor and rude service? Yesterday I bent over back, front and sideways, sometimes serving up to three customers at at time, and they made their appreciation known. I should track down some of those people and have then testify against her....

I wish I'd have spoken up and said something just now, but I'm a money whore, and didn't want to lose the sale, for the frames she was buying have been sitting there for a year without shifting.
Will make an interesting tale to share with teh others at the manager meeting tomorrow..*snicker*
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haha no way?! [13 Aug 2004|07:57pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

Greetings fellow 1 Hr ppl! I can not believe that there is a one hour ranting place! FINALLY someone on LJ that will understand my woes! I work at an Eckerd One hour lab on Long Island (going on 5 yrs in photo now). We use a Fuji Frontier. And let me say that at the moment I HATE the damn thing! JAMS, JAMS, JAMS. Then when I left for work, my lamp died in the scanner. *sigh* Glad I'm on vaca this week! Anyone else out there use a Frontier in your lab? Got anything GOOD to say about it (besides it's great quality). Now I know where to go after a bad day at work!

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[23 Jun 2004|12:20am]

so thing i hate
when people try to argue with me about something i really do know about
i dont mean to sound like i know everything about cameras
far from the truth
but there are somethings i do know
fuji digital cameras take xD cards
if they are older smart media
so when the lady from electronics came over with an older gentileman and wanted to figure out what card it woulda been much better if she had listened to what i was saying
he said i have a fuji 3800 i said oh we dont have those oh and look this walmart never had them
but this is close to it and it either has this or that so see if the lexmark printer can take xd or smart media and that will answer the question
but no she wanted to call fuji
(and that is always a big waste of time)
i tried to tell her that calling lexmark would be a better idea
but nope didnt listen to me
when i showed the old guy an xD card he said oh i think thats it all small like that
and she still wanted fuji to tell her what card
and then for about the fifth time i say cant one just hook the camera up to the printer using a usb connection?
but no
noone wants to listen to me
then i show both of them what a slot to read an xD card would look like versus the slots for that printer
and also tell them that the box of the printer says nothing about it
but she still wants to call fuji and ask them if they know if the camera will be compatible with the printer
i think thats is ass backwards
fuji ends up giving her the runaround
(big surprise)
she wastes like 20 min of this old guys time
(how much time does he really have left)
AND ends up calling them in the end
and guess what
not compatable
but oh guess what else
never asked about the usb connection or adapter
so who knows maybe it was compatable
ahhhhhhhhh gross incompetence
how many minutes is one hour photo?
i hate dumb people
and then a woman wanted to buy a digital camera for an old folks home based on the docks we had
there are so many things wrong with that logic that it hurt
1. digital cameras are better enjoyed by people with computers who have a basic understanding of digital medias
older people (especially those who cant take care of themselves and need to live in a home) are not the most ideal consumer of this gadget
some would get it but those that have never had any experience with computers would hate it and find it frustrating(and there are many people not just elderly ones that have no clue about computers)
2. one camera for a whole group of elderly people is a bad idea
one camera for any group of people is a bad idea
people dont like to share and cameras are a personal thing
3. things in nursing homes get stolen alot
so an expensive digital camera might be a bad idea
4. buying a camera based on a dock is retarded
all a dock does is get pics and charge batteries
2 things one can do by ones self and not spend 90 dollars to be lazy about
though elderly people might find it easier to just plunk the thing down, it just isnt really worth it
now ARGUING with me about why the kodak 4000 is cheaper that the 6000 when they do the same thing and the 6330 is about the same as the 4330 and they cost the same is mind numbingly obnoxious
ok so the cameras are the same
well ones older than the other
so the dock is old and is cheaper
the cameras are the same price because its a camera not a lame ass dock and cause its not as old as the dock is
end of story
old = cheap
so she decides to get nothing because the computer she wants to put things on wont have enough memory she doesnt think
what the f do they have a calico vision
jpgs = small
i have hundreds
and my comp not so great
i think what she meant was i see
you win this round
but i will be back
my kind always comes back...
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[11 Jun 2004|02:12am]

things i didn't need to see today:
a whole roll of your nasty old fat husband in tight green speedo underwear showing off his body
ew ew ew
ew ew
that is all
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About a Customer [08 Jun 2004|01:36pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

I will tell you the tale of a customer. This customer is on The List- my happy special list of people I'd rather eat earwigs than deal with. Let us call her Sad Lady.

Sad Lady has been to our lab several times. sonicyakk has dealt with her once or twice as well. Each time, she bring in a bunch of slides twice as old as I am. The first batch were from 1962, and her second were from 1958 and '59. These slides are in craptacular condition. Some are so washed out as to be nigh unprintable, and all of the rest bear that lovely red cast old film picks up.

When Sad Lady dropped off her first order for one-hour processing last week, we were really busy. My Manager, a wonderful lady, made the time to print all twenty-or-thirty-or-so slides. She didn't have the time to fix their color or anything, because just doing the slides as they were made us late. So she just printed 'em as they were and got on with her day.

When Sad Lady came to pick the slides up, she complained that they were of unacceptable quality. So the boss said we'd give her free remakes. Sad Lady went away, apparently satisfied with this. Later that day, she called to say that we'd- gasp- lost one of her slides! She had a picture from that slide, so I know that we did print it, but in spite of the rush we are always METICULOUS with slides. We kept them precisely where they ought to be; we did not lose the slide and that is that. Sad Lady refuses to believe this. She is most insistent that we did in fact carelessly lose her precious forty-year-old slide that she couldn't be buggered to print FOR TWICE AS LONG AS I HAVE LIVED.

The fun does not end there. I spent an hour and a half on her remakes. I painstakingly corrected the color and fixed cropping errors in each and every slide. They still looked like crap, but they looked like a little less crap. This held the lab up considerably. So, when she came to pick the remakes up, she left me MORE SLIDES.

Great. Just bloody great.

And every time I've dealt with this woman, she has given me the same tale- how the slides are of her son, who killed himself a couple of years ago, and of her parents who died of cancer, and of her cousin who has terminal cancer, and of all of her sundry relatives (most of whom seem to be ailing). I have nothing but sympathy for her loss. On the other hand, she talks OVER other customers who form up in a LINE behind her, five and six people deep waiting for her to finish the Tale of her Personal Tragedy.

I am not a therapist or a grief counselor. I am a dissolute college student working at Wal-Mart. Therefore I find it difficult to truly sympathize with her pain, and am instead concerned with getting her the hell out of my way so that I can continue to do my job.

I am rapidly tiring of dealing with this woman.

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every day i find myself becoming more bitter... [08 Jun 2004|02:35am]

ok walmart needs to seriously rethink about hiring people with real mental problems
namely most of the cart pushers
now usually i just feel bad
because there's this one guy, who should really just be at some sort of home where he can just draw all day and get regular showers and decent meals
then there's another guy
who cant stop talking to himself
cant do his job right
swears at customers
takes over 2 hours to clean a bathroom
wont listen to anything you have to say as in please dont empty the ashtrays into the non smoking break room
and today the biggest offense of all,
took a cart that had another associates crutches in them and took the cart upfront
how he missed her crutches being in the cart is beyond me
or how he could have not noticed that they were behind the associate who had paused to ring some people
i just dont get it
of course i'm not a fucking retard
he didn't ask anyone if this cart with stuff in it belonged to anyone
he just took it up front
he might have mental issues but he isnt retarded enough to get away with this shit
but he does
and theres poor elaine crying on the intercom asking if anyone has seen her crutches/braces, a poor old lady who cant walk without them
so when they found out what happened, did he have to apologize or get repremanded, no
why because it wouldnt matter
he wouldnt listen and he doesnt really even have to
walmart tried to fire him once already
it stuck for a little while til the state noticed and brought him back
fucking bullshit
it just pisses me off cause i swear he is compitent enough to know hes getting away with shit
but one cant be fired at walmart for incompitence
we know very well how that goes
you can cost a lab 100s of dollars in all sorts of ways
but unless you say...find child pornography, give the naame to the cops, and then having accidently mixed up the envelopes and given the cops the wrong name, not be able to give the cops the right information because you didn't fill out the envelope right when you took the photos in, can you BEGIN to get seriously repremanded.
yeah but anyways i digress
me: would you like one hour photo or send out?
dumbass: one hour, how long will it take?
me: 1 hour >:(
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just a few things... [07 Jun 2004|01:48pm]

[ mood | sore ]

1. for those who get send out regular service back.. do you get a bag every once in a while that has like nothing in it. we'll get for example, 3 bags of film come in. two bags can be somewhat filled up and then the third one will have only the receipt with all the orders listed on it, that's it. in a huge bag. is it that hard for them to just stick it in another bag?

2. one of our drop boxes had the extended service schedule a bit off. we don't get film in on saturdays. well, this one said we did. so i had so many people asking where their film is and i'm trying to explain that we don't get film on saturdays but we do on sundays.. then i found out that it said saturday on it. so i apologize for the mistake and fix it. and then they just stand there, staring at me, like i can magically make their film appear for them to take.. people are dumb.

3. i had this one annoying member this one day. they sent out a kodak plus digital disposable camera. obviously if you read the fine print you'll know that you have paid extra to cover the cost of the "free" cd people think they are getting. so they send it off to get developed. then when the roll comes back in the envelope with a note saying they can't do it without their signature and that they'll have to charge them for the cd they get angry. (for an odd reason.. i love dealing with those people. i think after so long i just love pissing people off when it's their own fault) so anyway, i try to explain to this lady that since she bought the plus digital camera, she already paid for the cd that she is receiving. but she can't get it from us since we use fuji and not kodak. she stands there and proceeds to tell me that she has no idea that we use fuji and that we need to have signs on the door and the drop boxes stating that we won't help people who have those cameras.. after that comment she started walking away. i practically screamed at her to get her attention cause i wasn't done arguing with her. i said "to tell you the truth, we will develop those cameras and film with no problem, but we will charge you for the cd. if you actually had read what was written on the camera itself or what's on the commercial you would know you have to go to someone who uses to kodak." the dumb lady just kept saying that we needed signs up saying we use fuji. ok. our counters are white and green. the drop boxes are green. they say fuji all over them. the envelopes say fuji all over them. i think she was really trying to get it done for free, but i just kept arguing with her till she finally left.

4. this member saturday really pissed me off. when we have a problem with a dpc we have to call fuji who in turn calls ibm to come out and fix it. well, each time they come out we get charged $800. so we have three dpc's in the store. they just installed the option where you can scan your membership card on it instead of entering your name it'll just read it off your card. you could also skip that option and enter it yourself. so this lady is on the dpc and i'm just kind of walking around waiting for something to do since the store just opened up. she calls me over and says that the scanner won't scan her card. i tell her to just skip it. she starts getting angry and tells me she doesn't have time to stand there and enter her information in. so i walk over there and try to scan her card. i did it like 20 times and took about 5 minutes haha. dumb bitch. anyway, it would never take it, so i told her well, it must not be working.. you'll just have to enter it in. then she tells me that i need to put a work order in to get it fixed. yeah, like i'm really going to call fuji cause a reader that is there for their convenience doesn't want to read her card (it does work for other people) to have them come out and fix it. i think not. and during this time when she should be picking out her pics to get printed, she's editing them and braiding her daughters hair.. she really seemed too busy to me. i just hate people. i hate stupid people. and i think the photo center has the stupidest people sometimes.

no we can't fix your blurry picture. no we can't add someone's head that you cut off, no we can't open someone's eyes up. and no i don't know why a roll of film you took turned out with nothing on it. we didn't erase your pics off the negatives and we didn't delete images off your memory card.

sorry for the long post.. there's just so much to rant about!

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[06 Jun 2004|11:46pm]

ok so dumbest person alive without being retarded came to the counter the other day
she and her companion, an older man/woman/thing with a MULLET,
the girl says she wants to pick up her one hour photos
so i ask for the last name (standard shit)
she tells me and its not in the drawer and since its next to impossable for us to lose a one hour i ask are you sure it was one hour
which she tried to tell me then for maybe 5-10 minutes that it was and i eventually got out of her that she dropped it in the out box
the out boxes which are clearly maked as 2-3day OUT lab service boxes.
so i tell her this
and then she asks me how long it will be
and i say 3 days
and she asks me again
and again
and again
and i just keep answering her the same thing and she just keeps rephrasing the same damn question
THEN she asks me how much it will be
and the answer is next to impossable to give with the amount of info she gave me
its like going to the counter of a fst food restaurant and saying how much is a meal?
*scream of frustration*
so i try and get out of her what exactly she ordered
and she then points to random boxes on the envelope and has no idea what she had ordered and wastes another 15 minutes of my time asking the same question over and over
mullet said nothing the whole time
i had no idea people could be so dumb in this world
arent they supposed to drown in rain storms from looking up?

next item on the ranting
one of the higher ups at our store is as my associate would agree, not an actual human but some form of jelly fish in human form. in other words NO SPINE
so we have a camera return policy
and we stand by that
but apparently if you have camera, want to return it and dont have the receipt but claim it was bought only a few days ago (even though the store hasnt sold them in monthes) then its ok because walmart will return anything
its the dumbest thing ever
all somebody has to do is complain alot and a high up manager will screw over all the little people and take back a non sellable POS
so this camera
not only had we not sold any since january BUT the last ones to leave were all stolen
SO it stands to reason that them not having their receipts is a little fishy
well dont let that stand in the way of this guy
because he doesnt have to try and sell a shitty ass concord
oh and what else about this guy OH YEAH
since someone drew a mustache on his picture in the store (big surprise there)
he wanted to make a copy of the original and put that in its place
only guess what its a professional pic
one of those against the law to copy ones
so we tell him
and my manager tells him
and he does it anyways
i dont know who's in charge of these things BUT
wtf pretty shitty

um yeah this post is all long and stuff cause i finally figured out how to make this comunity work
so expect much more bitching about work to come
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hello! [31 May 2004|03:42pm]

i'm new to this community, i'm 24 and have worked in the one hour photo "business" for about 6 years now. i started at walgreens working on a kodak gretag. then i quit there and applied at ritz where i got scared having to learn how to work an actual machine that's more than a few buttons you have to push and it goes by itself. at ritz i worked on a noritsu 901, then i transfered to another ritz and worked on a sfa. then after moving to nebraska and working at the portrait people (that was horrible and another gretag) i began at sam's club. i started there last june and am now working on a fuji frontier 370. what kind of machines does everyone here work with?

i love to tell my funny and pissed stories about my work as a tech but most people either don't care or understand what i'm talking about. i'm glad i found this community!
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Now what's this? [19 Feb 2004|01:42am]

[ mood | artistic ]

A 1-Hour Photo lab rant community? Awesome!

*looks around*

Although it looks a little deserted in here as is....


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Mr. Wonderful, and Other Annoyances [01 Aug 2003|09:34pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Oh my Gods.
A customer of mine, whom I still find kinda... sketchy... has photos in the Smithsonian. I refer you to their website. http://americanhistory.si.edu/september11/collection/record.asp?id=107 is the URL, and those photos of his? With the people at the memorial? I developed that roll of film.

He's still a sketchy guy, but... Strangeness.

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Welcome and... [27 Jul 2003|02:06am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Le sigh.
The subject of this evening's rant is, regrettably, a coworker. Now, I understand that people learn in many different ways, and the way most of us in the lab share isn't necessarily the One True Way To Learn. Indeed, some people take rather longer to learn things than others. We call this Human Nature. I, however, am running out of patience with this person.
Now, my dear coworker sonicyakk is an intelligent young lady, and has picked up the ways of the lab as quickly as can be expected. Not so our acquaintance, whose name shall be omitted for the sake of anonymity. My issues with her are as follows.

Part One: The Basic Hygiene. Today she showed up to work in what I believe to be semi-clean clothes. This is a pleasant change, and one I'd like to encourage. Generally she is as grubby and unprofessional as a person can reasonably be. However, she utterly destroyed the effect of the clean clothes by positively DROWNING in some kind of cloying perfume. It gave me a headache. This woman just cannot manage to be clean-and-inocuous-smelling, all at once.
Part Two: The Questions. The problem with her questions is that there aren't any when there ought to be. This leads to casual utterance of the word "oops", a syllable that brings the shadow of dread into my innocent heart. For example, our photo lab has two services. One is the in-house one-hour service, which we handle individually and process ourselves. The other is the two-day outlab service. This stuff sits in a vinyl bag on the floor, in envelopes completely different from the one-hour ones, and we DO NOT process it in-house. That's the point of calling it the "outlab". It goes "out". One day, not so very long ago, this coworker of mine PROCESSED some of the OUTLAB. Now, if it were only a question of packaging, it wouldn't be an issue. But we've explained over and over that the two services are priced differently, and that the outlab service is NOT a part of our budget.

She exposed the better part of a hundred-dollar roll of Fuji Crystal Archive matte-finish paper yesterday. "Oops".
To make up for the money that this girl has cost us in lost and late film, plus equipment issues and other damages, I'd have to start selling my organs on the black market.
I could go on, but I see no reason to torment Shana with rantings about someone we see every day.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll tell you all merry tales about my little Wall of Shame.

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So, anybody see that movie: One Hour Photo? [27 Jul 2003|04:24am]

I've never worked in a One Hour Photo place. I joined this community because communities like this or Customers Suck read like a 'How Not To Be An Asshole' guidebook and I thought it might be useful to know how to avoid the photographic equivalent of serving staff spitting in my food.

*is suddenly awash with curiosity as to what that would be*

Anyway, even though I've never worked in photo processing, Pyre has. Pyre is a very funny guy whose website I have followed for many years, so here are some second hand rants.

I'll never understand big business.

I'm no longer a Sorting Baboon.

Qualex (a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak) is using the deepest corners of its Cedar Rapids facility's darkroom to summon the outer god Daoleth

Where are the photo processing industry humor sites?

Of course I'm not referring to you. You're the supreme model of leadership and guidance.

We hate each individual person in every one of your pictures.

"Look at this picture of my baby! Isn't she just darling?"

There, I contributed. My work here is done.
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Well, here it is. [21 Jul 2003|02:27am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

This is a brand-new community, founded at 2 in the morning. It's for rants, and venting, and support, and other such. It pertains to one-hour photo labs and the people in them.
Fire away, so long as it's not at each other.

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