Solearai Flesch (happydollie) wrote in onehour_rants,
Solearai Flesch


i'm new to this community, i'm 24 and have worked in the one hour photo "business" for about 6 years now. i started at walgreens working on a kodak gretag. then i quit there and applied at ritz where i got scared having to learn how to work an actual machine that's more than a few buttons you have to push and it goes by itself. at ritz i worked on a noritsu 901, then i transfered to another ritz and worked on a sfa. then after moving to nebraska and working at the portrait people (that was horrible and another gretag) i began at sam's club. i started there last june and am now working on a fuji frontier 370. what kind of machines does everyone here work with?

i love to tell my funny and pissed stories about my work as a tech but most people either don't care or understand what i'm talking about. i'm glad i found this community!
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