SonicYakk (sonicyakk) wrote in onehour_rants,

every day i find myself becoming more bitter...

ok walmart needs to seriously rethink about hiring people with real mental problems
namely most of the cart pushers
now usually i just feel bad
because there's this one guy, who should really just be at some sort of home where he can just draw all day and get regular showers and decent meals
then there's another guy
who cant stop talking to himself
cant do his job right
swears at customers
takes over 2 hours to clean a bathroom
wont listen to anything you have to say as in please dont empty the ashtrays into the non smoking break room
and today the biggest offense of all,
took a cart that had another associates crutches in them and took the cart upfront
how he missed her crutches being in the cart is beyond me
or how he could have not noticed that they were behind the associate who had paused to ring some people
i just dont get it
of course i'm not a fucking retard
he didn't ask anyone if this cart with stuff in it belonged to anyone
he just took it up front
he might have mental issues but he isnt retarded enough to get away with this shit
but he does
and theres poor elaine crying on the intercom asking if anyone has seen her crutches/braces, a poor old lady who cant walk without them
so when they found out what happened, did he have to apologize or get repremanded, no
why because it wouldnt matter
he wouldnt listen and he doesnt really even have to
walmart tried to fire him once already
it stuck for a little while til the state noticed and brought him back
fucking bullshit
it just pisses me off cause i swear he is compitent enough to know hes getting away with shit
but one cant be fired at walmart for incompitence
we know very well how that goes
you can cost a lab 100s of dollars in all sorts of ways
but unless you say...find child pornography, give the naame to the cops, and then having accidently mixed up the envelopes and given the cops the wrong name, not be able to give the cops the right information because you didn't fill out the envelope right when you took the photos in, can you BEGIN to get seriously repremanded.
yeah but anyways i digress
me: would you like one hour photo or send out?
dumbass: one hour, how long will it take?
me: 1 hour >:(
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