Jeannine (j9luvsmozart) wrote in onehour_rants,

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haha no way?!

Greetings fellow 1 Hr ppl! I can not believe that there is a one hour ranting place! FINALLY someone on LJ that will understand my woes! I work at an Eckerd One hour lab on Long Island (going on 5 yrs in photo now). We use a Fuji Frontier. And let me say that at the moment I HATE the damn thing! JAMS, JAMS, JAMS. Then when I left for work, my lamp died in the scanner. *sigh* Glad I'm on vaca this week! Anyone else out there use a Frontier in your lab? Got anything GOOD to say about it (besides it's great quality). Now I know where to go after a bad day at work!
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