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This was originally a response to claddagh812's post here, but it became a bit too long, so I think it deserved it's own entry.

1. YES, we just recently moved from our usual space in the middle of the mall to this smaller one at a different location. It is not our fault that you cannot spot the half-dozen or so signs stating so, complete with directions how to get to our new location. Seriously, people seem to WALK OVER the damn signs instead of taking the time to actually read what they say, and it is not our fault that the mall supervisors have not yet gotten around to change their directory map. (seriously, we get blasted for this by every other customer, when just about third of the stores in this mall have either moved or quit entirely in the past three months.) LOOK AROUND PEOPLE! DAYUM!

2. YES, we do remove red eyes and/or date prints from your digital pictures, but not UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY ASK US TO for we do charge a little bit extra for doing so. Trust me, I am not going to photoshop all of your six brats' evil red eyes (12 eyes in all) out just for fun. It *IS* extra work for me, especially when we are already swamped! I do not care if some "program" that you got free with your $60 camera removes a red eye with the single click of a button. We are professionals, and trust me, you would not be satisfied with out result if we used some half-cocked program to fix your precious child's eyes. It is not our fault that you did not notice this before, and it is not our job to fix this at a moments notice because of your lack of attention! Jeez, if you want 150 copies of the same picture for your Xmas cards, at least make the time to pick a decent picture, or do like 80% of our customers do and state that you DO NOT want red eyes or date stamps or any foreign objects on your pictures. WE ARE NOT MIND READERS.

3. O-KAY. For your convenience, we have different kinds of online ordering for our customers. The most popular one is the FotoWire print service, which has to be pre-paid for by credit card. For those who do not have the option of credit card payment, or just don't want to, we have the Kodak Picture Center option, where you just pick pictures and pay them as you pick them up. During the holiday season you can also order Xmas cards online, be it conventional ones with prints included, (and then the prints are free, you just pay for the pack of cards) or our specialized ones with pre-printed text.
And then you can just drop us an e-mail and ask us to print your attached picture.


a. The FotoWire orders are printed at a different location than mine, and then shipped to my outlet, ready for pick-up by customer. This option takes a couple of working days. This is stated on our website and in the order program itself several times. Also, if you pick a picture to print 60 copies of and pre-pay it, you have already paid for the prints. Please do not scream at us if you were going to use the Xmas card option with free prints, for again, we do not read your mind through the internet. We have to phone up the location that printed (and charged you for) your order and have them annul it, so you can buy your precious cards and not pay a few bucks extra for the prints. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS STATED ON OUR SITE FOR THE FIFTEENTH TIME! Yes, this becomes annoying when it happens fifty times a day because you could not read the bloody instructions.

b. But egads, the e-mails....
People e-mail us pictures. Most of the time, they are low-resolution, dark, pixelated or they do not leave us the tiniest bit of info as what to do with said picture. Like, if they want red eyes/date print or such annoyances removed, or what size they want it in, or how many. We are just supposed to know these things. We do not print these pictures, we e-mail the customer back to ask them for more info, or inform their that their picture is not in good enough quality to be printed. Then the customer shows up at our desk asking for his pictures without having a clue what name they are ordered on, what e-mail address they sent it from or whether they have already gotten an e-mail from us already, or id their picture wasn't good enough. And the they scream at us. Die already you fuckers.
Oh, but of course, it does happen that an order gets through unchecked (of course, we have several people working here, and in trying times like Xmas, this is bound to happen.) Of course, all we get then is things like "why didn't you tell me/inform me/hold my hand while I ordered this print that it wasn't a good enough resolution" stuff from the customers.
I swear, since photo became digital, people have lost their brains. >_<

I have tons more, but I'll let this do for now *pfft!*

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