Essy (lasayla) wrote in onehour_rants,

So, anybody see that movie: One Hour Photo?

I've never worked in a One Hour Photo place. I joined this community because communities like this or Customers Suck read like a 'How Not To Be An Asshole' guidebook and I thought it might be useful to know how to avoid the photographic equivalent of serving staff spitting in my food.

*is suddenly awash with curiosity as to what that would be*

Anyway, even though I've never worked in photo processing, Pyre has. Pyre is a very funny guy whose website I have followed for many years, so here are some second hand rants.

I'll never understand big business.

I'm no longer a Sorting Baboon.

Qualex (a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak) is using the deepest corners of its Cedar Rapids facility's darkroom to summon the outer god Daoleth

Where are the photo processing industry humor sites?

Of course I'm not referring to you. You're the supreme model of leadership and guidance.

We hate each individual person in every one of your pictures.

"Look at this picture of my baby! Isn't she just darling?"

There, I contributed. My work here is done.
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